Times Tables – Not Everyone Finds Learning Them Easy

Struggling to learn your Times Tables? Not everyone finds mental maths or remembering numbers in their head easy. I know because I’m one of them!

Difficulty in learning and remembering the Times Tables can affect their progress and ability in their Maths lessons. It can also affect a child’s confidence which can result in a low self esteem and the conclusion that they’re ‘no good’ at Maths.

It is therefore vital that all children, irrespective of their ability, are given an equal chance by offering them an alternative and fun way to learn their Times Tables.

Provision of a mental image or story as an aid memory is a well practiced technique for remembering things and these stories are based on this concept. The Times Table stories are available as story books, narrated videos which are available digitally or as DVDs or printed books either individually or as a teachers pack.

Many memory techniques involve stories and pictures
so why shouldn’t we use this technique to learn and remember our Times Tables?

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