Meet The Friends And Learn About Their Times Table Story


Long Lucy’s 1 Times Table Story


This times table story is aimed at younger children to help them learn numbers 1 to 10. Long Lucy loves playing with her friends. Her favourite game is playing with her magic mirror, which she takes everywhere with her.The characters help children recognise numbers in a fun and easy way.




Blue Bunny’s 2 Times Table Story


Blue Bunny’s story teaches children the 2 times table. Blue Bunny has lots of energy and is always doing something exciting. He loves cooking for his friends, playing football and practising his hopping. This story will help your child remember the 2 times table.



Grinning Granny’s 3 Times Table Story


Grinning Granny’s story makes learning the 3 times table fun and easy. Grinning Granny is always happy and grins a lot. Everyone loves her. She likes baking cakes and making pots of tea for her friends, but most of all she loves shopping. This book will make it easy to remember the 3 times table.


Marvellous Mummy’s 4 Times Table Story


Marvellous Mummy’s story helps children to remember the 4 times table. Marvellous Mummy is amazing. She is the best mum in the world. She always looks beautiful and smart and never shouts or loses her temper, even after a hard day at work! This book will help your child learn the 4 times table quickly and easily.



Delightful Duck’s 5 Times Table Story


Delightful Duck’s story will make learning the 5 times table fun. She lives on the pond in the middle of Times Table Town and is happy to share her pond with her friends. She never gets cross and is always polite and helpful to everyone. Reading this story will help your child learn the 5 times table.



Big Bug’s 6 Times Table Story


Big Bug is a loveable rouge who makes learning the 6 times table lots of fun. He is a very friendly bug but sometimes he can get himself into trouble. He can’t help it, he’s just so full of energy and fun. Remembering the 6 times table is easy when you know this story




Angle Man’s 7 Times Table Story


Angle Man will make your children laugh as they learn their 7 times table. He is Times Table Town’s Super Hero and feels that he makes Times Table Town a safer place to be. He is always ready to help, as long as it’s not too dangerous! Once they know this story they will never forgets the 7 times table.




Grumpy Grandad’s 8 Times Table Story


Grumpy Grandad makes learning the 8 times table easy. He can be a bit grumpy, he grumbles and complains about lots of things. He loves to tell everyone how everything was better in the good old days. Grumpy Grandad will really help your child remember the 8 times table.



Happy Holly’s 9 Times Table Story


Happy Holly will make learning the 9 times table a happy experience. Everyone likes Happy Holly because when she’s around everybody feels happy too. You can never be sad with Happy Holly around. Happy Holly’s story makes learning the 9 times table fun and easy.




Gorgeous Georgie’s 10 Times Table Story



Gorgeous Georgies story is a magical way of learning the 10 times table. She is very beautiful, magical person who with the help of her magic wand makes all her customers look and feel their very best. Gorgeous Georgies story will help your child learn the 10 times table.