“It’s a clever idea, well executed and the series has already been picked up by Norfolk schools. The books are brightly illustrated making it far easier for children to visualise the answers to their sums.”
Keiron Pim, Eastern Daily Press


“I bought one of these from the Norfolk Childrens Book Center and liked what I saw. I bought the whole series. The children at my school really liked the fun aspect of them. I would definately recommend them to other teachers and parents.”
W. C, Primary School Teacher


“I use the Times Table Stories during numeracy club when the focus was on learning times tables. The books formed part of many activities all aimed at improving times table knowledge. I would recommend them as a resource for Year 1-3”
M.F, Primary School Teacher


“I bought the story books to help my grandchildren with their Times Tables. The children really liked the stories and they were very good at helping them remember their times tables.”
K.G, Grandparent

My group of dyslexic Y5 students were very enthusiastic about Angle Man. They loved the amount of detail in the pictures. Perfect for visual learners.

Mrs C Smith, Teacher, Greshams School


“If you like Letter Land, then you’ll love Times Table Town.”

Claire Whyte, Director, HomeTrain Ltd


Claire Whyte who is a social group skills coordinator also reviewed the Times Table Story books as a potential home learning resource. Here are her comments:

I read the books with my 7 year old Daughter, Laura. As we read through the books, she enjoyed the interaction and personalities of the characters, and could work out the maths. Each page of the story contains two characters – the times table character meets each number in turn, adding to the story and finding the answer to the multiplication.

The pages are nicley illustrated and include the answer, so, if your child learns better visually, they will remember their times tables easier.

I think children who find learning times tables to be boring will enjoy these books, and they could prove very useful at homework time.

Claire Whyte, www.Hometrain.ie


“Thank you so much for coming in to trial the Times Tables Town 6s with us.  It was interesting to see and I have done some follow up work with the children this morning.  I think that the stories have got good potential to be another method of tables learning in schools, which will support the visual learners in the classroom.

As promised, I have some feedback from the children.”

  • Enjoyed the characters and stories
  • Liked colouring the characters and the follow up sheets
  • Tested on the story again today and they remembered most of it
  • Some children could visualise the pictures in their heads
  • Makes numbers more friendly
  • Useful additional tool for learning tables in KS2.

Claire Dinn, Class Teacher, Beeston Hall School


“I love the idea of visual clues for a mathmatical concept.”
SS, Mum

“I always use the Times Table Story pictures to ‘see’ the answers to my times tables in my head. It’s so easy.”
Georgie, aged 10