Why were the Times Table Stories created?

Hi my name is Sally Lomax, I’m the author of the Times Table Town Stories. I initially created the first of stories for one of my daughters who was struggling and needed help with Times Tables. She particularly found the 7 Times Table difficult to remember.

She understood how to work out the 7 Times Table but struggled to recall it after just a few minutes.  It was obvious she needed a way of remembering the answers which would make recalling them easier.

The solution was to turn the numbers into characters and to create a story. Together we created a Super Hero called Angle Man (who looked like a number 7) and a story about him and his friends.

Immediately, and like magic, the troublesome 7 Times Table became easy to remember and lots of fun!

Realising how useful this story could be for other children who need help with Times Tables, I created the more Times Table Stories. All the stories are written with a sense of humour to make them fun to read and listen to, not just for children but for grown-up too! I still need help with my Times Tables so I use them to help me with every day sums!

The stories have been beautifully illustrated which is the key to making the stories exciting and easy to remember. Also contained within the illustrations are examples of how the multiplication works, which can be used as a teaching aid.

As well as the stories being available in print they are also available as a download so you can read them on a computer or print them off yourself. I have also narrated some of them (story 6,7,8 and 9) and made these available as video books. If these prove popular I will turn the remaining stories into video books. These can be directly downloaded on to your computer or tablet.

I hope you enjoy them as much as my children and I have!

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Sally Lomax