A Fun And Easy Way To Times Table Practice

 Stories That Make Times Table Practice Fun!

Don’t you think its time Times Table practice became fun? Are your children struggling with their Times Tables practice? Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

I’ve had 3 children of my own and they all took their time to learn them. It’s not just learning them that’s important however, it’s recalling them quickly and with little effort that everyone really strives for. Instantly knowing the answer to a multiplication makes life, not just in Maths lesson but also working out problems as an adult, a lot easier.

It wasn’t until helping my youngest that I realised there was a huge opportunity for these characters and stories to help other children with their Times Table practice.

Click on the video to see a small section of Grumpy Grandad’s 8 Times Table Story

Times Tables practice isn’t everyones idea of fun, but being able to recall your Times Tables is an essential part of every day life.These stories bring the fun back into learning them. The results are amazing too!

 With Times Table Town stories your child will realise that Times Table practice is easy and as a consequence Maths actually becomes fun!


Use our stories for your Times Table practice.

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